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Inside Look: BCAE's Urban Beekeeping Class with Best Bees


You may have seen "Urban Beekeeping" listed in the BCAE course catalog for a while now, but do you know what "Urban Beekeeping" really entails? Up until recently, I didn't. A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to get an inside "staff" look at what one of our more unusual classes. Behind the Scenes: Urban Beekeeping with Boston's Best Bees!

Best Bees is located in Boston's South End, right by Boston Medical Center. Believe it or not, it actually shares building space with an auto body shop! Odd combo, right? But it makes more sense than you might think. Both businesses need outdoor as well as indoor space, and both tend to be, well, messy. The fact that the place is home to thousands of bees and their honey is readily apparent (and all the more fascinating).

Coming around back (behind the auto body show) to the Best Bees entrance, it is hard to immediately realize what you're seeing. Nestled next to a couple rows of parked cars are row upon row of wooden hives, swarming with bees - the busiest we'd ever see them we were told!


They were everywhere! While slightly terrifying for bee-fearing folk like me, despite immediate assurances that the bees were non-aggressive, the shear amount of lively buzzing activity was enthralling.


We then ventured inside what feels very much like a Best Bees "workshop," complete with a fully functioning kitchen just for our BCAE beekeeping students. We got up close and personal with the product of the busy, buzzing hives - fresh, sweet, local HONEY! We tasted it right from the honeycomb, already perfectly deliciously sweet...sticky on our fingers (and on the bottoms of our shoes).

Noah Best Bees Boston

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Noah Wilson-Rich, gave us the tour, weaving through stacks of hives while telling us all about starting the business, the booming success of it all, and a lot of fun and interesting facts about bees. Check out Noah's book, The Bee: A Natural History, for bee facts and much more. All students who take the class get loads of this bee knowledge, some hands-on experience, and to take home a beehive frame like Noah is holding above (without the honeycomb), beeswax lip balm, and honey (when in season).

shelves and suits

Craftiness taken to another level: the shelves featured above left were hand-built as well, just like the kitchen counter! And don't worry - there are plenty of protective suits for safety when handling the hives directly.

painted hives

Looking to upgrade your urban beekeping experience? Best Bees' "Resident Artist" has designed hand-painted equipment in stunning color and detail. These can sell for a pretty penny but are truly works of art.

Best Bees Boston

Thank you to the kind and welcoming Best Bees team for showing us around their fascinatingly cool space and teaching us things we never knew before! Don't pass up an opportunity to see them in action - sign up now to take Urban Beekeeping! The next sessions are Thursday, June 11th and Thursday, August 13th.

It's OK to Drink Rosé By BCAE Wine Sponsor 90+ Cellars


90  guest post narrow header

It's Rosé season! BCAE Celebrity Chef Class wine sponsor 90+ Cellars shares some reasons why you should hop on board the pink wine train:

It's OK to Drink Rosé

Let’s face it, many Americans have a dysfunctional relationship with pink wine. Generally, the pink wine we find in stores is too sweet or too bubbly. To be frank, pink wine needs a makeover.

The same attitudes about pink wine aren’t shared by our European friends. A great many French and Spanish wineries make rosé for casual consumption, which is sipped enthusiastically and with great regularity.  In France, vin rosé outsells white wine! Summers along the Mediterranean coastline are filled with café tables upon which rest bottles of deliciously crisp rosé enticing patrons to pop the cork. That’s not all, rosé is presented as the ultimate food wine, the perfect thing to wash down everything from oysters to aioli.

Many fortunate Americans traveling abroad get to see, smell and taste for themselves a bottle of Bandol rosé and bouillabaisse, or a Spanish Rosado with fried potatoes. These globe-trotting imbibers of pink liquid have perhaps been partly responsible for the rise of traditional, dry Rosé consumption in the United States.  In recent years, rosé sales above $12 per 750ml bottle (we can assume this is not the sweet pink stuff) have experienced double digit growth. But, let’s face it, only 10% of all wine consumption in America is rosé, and most of that IS the sweet pink stuff. Rosé has a long way to go before gaining mass appeal.

Unfortunately there are a few big issues with rosé in the minds of many Americans. The first one is that the color pink can be a problem for some people, as it can often signify something other than a tasteful drink choice for imbibers of any type. The second barrier is that Americans are used to rosé as sweet wine. Until recently (Moscato anyone?) sweet wine has been a wine pariah. Despite an immense tolerance and propensity to enjoy all things sweet, this hasn’t applied to table wine. I’ve heard some people complain that a wine is too sweet while simultaneously slurping a super-sized Big Gulp of Mountain Dew. This is the case even when the wine is completely dry! For some reason just the thought of pink wine gives people the impression of sweetness, and therefore makes it unfashionable.

But, these negative impressions can be reversed. Rosé just needs a makeover.

90+ Cellars Rose
For one, perceptions of color are not fixed. Culture can change. With the right touch, the color pink can be transformed into something that’s bold, confident, and adventurous. Marketers of dry rosé should promote rosé as a complement to any meal. Americans need to be shown ways that rosé fits into their current lifestyle and melds with the things they already adore, from tailgates to cheesesteaks. Additionally, the consumption of sweet and cheap white zinfandels is in decline. Wine sippers with a sweet tooth have focused their gaze on Moscato. This gives producers of the dry style the opportunity to seize the spotlight and redefine rosé. Maybe all rosé needs is a new celebrity image to generate mass appeal. Someone should probably call Justin Timberlake.

Those of us who are smitten by rosé and want to share it are heartbroken when someone refuses to take a sip. This spring and summer we plan to proudly pour our Rosé every chance we get in an attempt to convert all of you to drinking pink. We hope you join us in spreading the word.


Learn more & taste 90+ Cellars wine in any of our Celebrity Chef classes!

BCAE's 4th Annual Sip the Rainbow 2015: Recap


In case you missed it...our 4th annual Sip the Rainbow was a hit, with about two hundred people here at the BCAE eating, drinking, mingling, and checking out our newest photography exhibit! See all the photos here.

crowdThe drinks were flowing in true rainbow fashion to quench the thirst of all of our guests. Thank you to bartenders and mixologists Dustin Rennells and Corey Sievers, as well as bartender (and BCAE instructor) Brady Graham, and BCAE staffer/bartender Andrew!


Our partner, Sage Inn & Lounge had a beautiful setup, showcasing Chef Lucio Garnica's culinary talents through flavor and presentation. Sage mixologist Corey Sievers delighted guests with his flashy "Pink Pelican" cocktail, topped with fresh grapefruit meringue.

Sage Inn

Other Provincetown vendors included the Provincetown Film Society, What Matters?!, The Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum, as well as the Tourism Office of Provincetown and Will Coons Massage & Yoga. The Provincetown Fudge Factory also provided their decadent homemade fudge and peanut butter cups for guests to sample.

Provincetown vendors

Cape Cod was well represented -- from the food to the photography, but attendees came from all over. One photographer, Ken Norz, came from New York City to see his work up on the walls of the BCAE.

Provincetown photograph

A few lucky guests won Provincetown themed raffle prizes, and one of last year's Sip the Rainbow photographers, Joel Benjamin, took home the surprise addition -- cases of Polar Seltzer and Citi Performing Arts Center tickets! Congrats, Joel!

raffle and centerpiece

 Thank you to all of our guests for coming out and partying with us! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

party guests

Didn't make it? Not to worry - you can still come see the P-town to Boston exhibit during normal business hours through the end of September! Thank you to Hunt's Photo & Video for generously and beautifully printing the photographs on display.

And don't miss out on our awesome "Direct from Provincetown" offerings in the coming weeks:

What Matters?! Finding Well-Being Amid the Overwhelm and Complexity of the 21st Century
with David Garten and Paul Sherman | May 30

Small Plates - Big Taste
with Lucio Garnica of the Sage Inn and Lounge | June 1

Art Collecting for Beginners
with Christine M. McCarthy, Executive Director Provincetown Art Association and Museum | June 3

Tennessee Williams: Everything You Wanted to Know
with Jef Hall-Flavin, Executive Director Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival | June 8


Sip the Rainbow is Back at the BCAE! And It's All About P-town...


On Friday, May 15th, 2015, we will be hosting our 4th annual Sip the Rainbow cocktail party & community celebration at the BCAE, welcoming spring and kicking off Boston's annual Pride celebrations! This is one of our favorite nights of the year, and it's back with a vengeance (in all the good ways of course!) There's going to be more of everything you've loved in previous years -- cocktails, food, fun...

Sage Inn Chef Lucio GarnicaChef Lucio Garnica of the Sage Inn & Lounge, and one of his stunning creations.

Provincetown’s Chef Lucio Garnica of the Sage Inn & Lounge will be preparing a special dish for all to taste, and the Sage Inn's mixologist, Corey, will be serving up his expertly mixed creations (rainbow colored of course). Your sweet tooth will not be neglected as there will be treats from the Provincetown Fudge Factory, as well as resident baker and BCAE instructor Dustin Rennells.

Sip 2014 photosDessert (by Dustin Rennells) & cocktails from Sip the Rainbow 2014! Photo credit: Chris Padgett

But let's put down our glasses and plates for a moment because more than just the food and drinks, this party marks the opening of our newest photography exhibit, P-town to Boston, showcasing the colorful people, stunningly beautiful places, and all of the things that make P-town so vibrant and unique. On display in the BCAE gallery will be over 50 photos taken by over 30 artists, showcasing all aspects of Provincetown.

Join us as we bring P-town to your backyard, right here in Boston.

COST: Entry into the reception, held from 6:00PM to 8:00PM, is $15 in advance or $20 day of. Admission includes three unique Deep Eddy Vodka & Polar Seltzer cocktails created in the colors of the Gay Pride Flag. All proceeds to benefit the BCAE.

BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!  And join on Facebook to stay in the know!


Can't get enough P-town? Check out all of the fantastic P-town programs we have coming up this spring:
Why Independent Films Matter  Monday, May 18th
The Art of Drag Wednesday, May 20th
What Matters?! Finding Well-Being Amid the Overwhelm and Complexity of the 21st Century Saturday, May 30th
Small Plates - Big Taste Monday, June 1st
Art Collecting for Beginners Wednesday, June 3rd
Tennessee Williams: Everything You Wanted to Know Monday, June 8th

The exhibition and event are made possible by generous contributions from Sage Inn and Lounge, Polar Seltzer, Deep Eddy Vodka , and Hunt's Photo and Video, whose support and services help provide guests a unique experience while they “sip the rainbow.”P-town to Boston: A Photo Exhibit will be on display at the BCAE from May 15 to September 30, 2015. The exhibit is free and open to the public during business hours.

Billions of Bubbles By BCAE Wine Sponsor 90+ Cellars


90+ Cellars
Celebrity Chef Class wine sponsor 90+ Cellars shares some tips to help you keep your "bubbly"s straight:

Billions of Bubbles: How to Choose

Oh, bubbles. They're perfect for parties. They're sensational at celebrations. They're tasty for toasts. But they're also numerous (maybe not billions, but you get the idea), and selecting the right bottle of bubbly can be difficult -especially with so many varietals and brands out there to choose from! So we're here today to help you decide which variety of bubbles is perfect for you (or for your party guests) so that you can please your crowd but most importantly, your palate.

Champagne: As many know by now, Champagne can only be called as such if it is made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. But another requirement also exists: the carbonation must be created by secondary fermentation. The texture of this sparkling wine is delicate and a glass is extremely refreshing. Sweetness can range from none at all (Brut Zero) to fairly sweet (Doux), but the most common level of sweetness in champagne is the Brut offering. There are even more sub-varieties, but that's for another blog post altogether!

someecard champagne
Prosecco: This sparkly wine hails from Italy and brings to the table both froth and fizz, and the tasting notes tend to be floral, fruit, and/or dessert-like (think lilac, peaches, or almond). Prosecco is more frothy than champagne and therefore easier for sipping. The flavors are simpler, but no less enjoyable, than those of Champagne. It also makes a great addition to a cocktail! As for a recommendation...well, we think our 90+ Cellars Lot 50 Prosecco from Veneto, Italy is pretty tasty! (In fact, BCAE students get 20% off their purchase of 3 bottles or more in our online store – just enter code BCAEWINE at checkout.)

90 plus cellars prosecco
Moscato: There's some pretty tasty Moscato out just have to know where to find it. This sparkling wine is experiencing a resurgence especially as spring (hopefully) rolls in. With a lower alcohol content than other sparklers, the wine can be best described as "spritzy". Its body is very light and the flavors very fruity. Folks who love something sweet, bubbly, and refreshing are going to love Moscato! It's also an excellent wine to pair with your party desserts.

Sparkling Rosé: Sparkling Champagne Rosé is actually most commonly created by adding some Pinot Noir to the sparkling cuvée. Sparkling Rosé in general (not Champagne) is often made by letting red grapes remain in contact with their skins - the traditional way. Again the sweetness of sparkling rose can vary - you can have mostly dry varieties and mostly fruity varieties, but "Brut" is a good indication of flavor on the drier side.

That wraps up your bubbles education today – but if you want more wine education, be sure to check out the BCAE’s wine classes! Best wishes for all your learning – and celebrating - to come!

Which of these bubbles do you think you'd prefer? Let us know in the comments!


Learn more & taste 90+ Cellars wine in any of our Celebrity Chef classes!

Recap of 4th Annual BCAE Fundraiser Chew on This 2015!


Deep Eddy cocktailPhoto Credit: Chris Padgett

Thank you to everyone who made it out for our 4th annual fundraiser, Chew on This: Kicked Up Classics last Thursday, March 12th, 2015 right here at the BCAE. We were sold out, with close to 300 people in the building, but in case you were unable to attend, here's a taste of what you missed.

decor hubPhoto Credit: Chris Padgett

The theme for the evening was classics, kicked up, and the BCAE transformed into a retro diner for one night only. The event started out with our VIP Reception, featuring a mashed potato bar, passed Kabobs appetizers, and New England Charcuterie. And of course the bars were open as well, featuring Downeast Cider House, Polar Seltzer, Peak Organic beer, 90+ Cellars wine, and a Deep Eddy Vodka & Polar Seltzer cocktail.

mashed potato hubPhoto Credit: Chris Padgett

NE CharcuteriePhoto Credit: Chris Padgett

Then the chef stations opened up, with 9 celebrity chefs on 2 floors cooking up their takes on some classic foods.

meatloaf and chickenPhoto Credit: Katherine C. Cohen

Chef Michael Scelfo of Alden & Harlow wowed with his unusual take on "meatloaf," a Seared Pheasant Terrine, Sunchoke Crema, Pearl Onion, Lemon. Chef Tiffani Faison of Sweet Cheeks prepared what she called a "Crispy Chicken Waco," a cross between Chicken 'N Waffles and a taco.(Both Pictured Above) All of the dishes had hungry attendees lining up for a taste!

Mei Mei hubPhoto Credit: Katherine C. Cohen

Billy Costa auctionPhoto Credit: Chris Padgett

From the Hunt's photo booth to the auction to the wacky chef shenanigans (Mei Mei Street Kitchen brought their own indoor "truck"!), it was a fun-filled night!

selfiePhoto Credit: Katherine C. Cohen

After all, it's not often you get to mix, mingle & dine with Boston's culinary elite. We even caught Billy Costa & Jenny Johnson of Dining Playbook taking a selfie with Chef Karen Akunowicz of Myers + Chang!

The night ended on a sweet note, with Dustin Rennells mixing up some ice cream floats. Taster's choice: Boozy with Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale or Mocha Stout, or not with Polar Beverages Classic Sodas.

We can't possibly fit all of the fantastic moments from the event here, but looking for more photos? Search #ChewonThis15 and check out the Facebook album here!

Thank you to all who made this event possible:

Karen Akunowicz//Tiffani Faison//Mei Mei Street Kitchen//Kevin O'Donnell//Steve "Nookie" Postal//Erwin Ramos//Michael Scelfo//Michael Schlow//Jeremy Sewall

Billy Costa & Jenny Johnson of NESN's Dining Playbook!

90+ Cellars//Accardi Foods//Deep Eddy Vodka//Dole & Bailey//Downeast Cider House//Edible Boston//Espresso Plus//Filippo Berio Olive Oil//Hunt's Photo & Video//Kabobs//New England Charcuterie//Northeast Family Farms//Peak Organic Brewing Company//Peterson Party Center//Polar Beverages//Victoria Gourmet//Wüsthof//Zesty Cookie Co.

...and our friends Diane Manteca, Dustin Rennells, and Jan Quinn for their help in the kitchen and with the decorations!

The BCAE Presents Chew on This 2015. Let the Countdown Begin!


The 4th annual BCAE fundraiser is 2 WEEKS AWAY, and we could not be more excited for you to join us. As you may know, we changed up the theme a little bit this year...moving from "What's Your Beef" 2012 and 2013, then to "Beyond Beef" last year, now to "Chew on This: Kicked Up Classics."

This year, we are STILL featuring 9 of Boston's finest and most highly renowned chefs that will be cooking and mingling with attendees come March 12th. What's the difference, then? What you will be eating may not be beef or even might be seafood or cheese or vegetables...but WARNING: may cause feelings of nostalgia.

We asked our 9 featured chefs about some of their favorite classic foods, and then we told them to pick one and kick it up...and we mean WAY up! This is not your average blue plate special nor is it your mother's meatloaf. What will it be? The only way to find out is to buy a ticket and join us on March 12th. Step back in time as the BCAE transforms into the diner of your foodie dreams.


The All-Star Celebrity Chef Lineup:

Karen Akunowicz - Myers & Chang
Tiffani Faison - Sweet Cheeks
Mei Mei Street Kitchen & Food Truck
Kevin O'Donnell - The Salty Pig
Steve "Nookie" Postal - Commonwealth
Erwin Ramos - Olé
Michael Scelfo - Alden & Harlow
Michael Schlow - Via Matta, Alta Strada, Tico
Jeremy Sewall - Lineage, Row 34, Island Creek Oyster Bar

What else to expect:
-Live auction hosted by Billy Costa & Jenny Johnson of NESN’s Dining Playbook
-Silent auction
-Fabulous raffle items
-Hunt's photo booth to document your night
-**Surprise food-related addition new to this year's event!**
-Peak Organic beers, 90+ Cellars wines, Downeast Cider, a Deep Eddy Vodka & Polar Seltzer cocktail
...and more!

Early entry at 5:30PM with full bars, passed Kabobs appetizers, New England Charcuterie, and special early access to the surprise food-related addition. Take home a deluxe Wüsthof gift bag full of outrageously good goodies.

VIP Admission 5:30PM | $130
OR General Admission 6:45PM | $85

Join the conversation #ChewonThis15


Thank you to our sponsors!

90+ Cellars
Accardi Foods
Deep Eddy Vodka
Dole & Bailey
Downeast Cider House
Edible Boston
Espresso Plus
Filippo Berio Olive Oil
Hunt's Photo & Video
New England Charcuterie
Northeast Family Farms
Peak Organic Brewing Co.
Peterson Party Supply
Polar Beverages & Polar Seltzer
Victoria Gourmet


Recap of Local Love 2015: Market at the BCAE


It may have been snowing outside, but it was warm and toasty inside the BCAE on Sunday, February 8th for our second annual Local Love: Market at the BCAE!

Vendors came from all over (even Nantucket!), braving snow and cold to sell their local handmade goods, and shoppers also donned their hats and boots to join us in force!

We started the morning off right, with surprise guest Blackbird Doughnuts, our new South End neighbor helping to bring a sweet breakfast treat to the lucky shoppers who got there while they lasted...

Blackbird Doughnuts

And Fazenda Coffee Roasters provided a necessary caffeine boost and jolt of warmth to all who came through.
Fazenda Coffee
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

The BCAE was filled with vendors, both downstairs and upstairs, all showcasing a wide array of products.

For those looking for some sparkle, Alison Storry Jewelry did not disappoint, her colorful display catching the eyes of all passersby.

Alison Storry Jewelry
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

For the cheekier shopper, posh and prep's adorable cards and gifts were sure to please.

describe the image
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

Niche Urban Garden Supply brought the essence of spring on a cold, snowy day, and boy, did we need it.

describe the image
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

And Cameo Macaron truly delivered, bringing their iconic pink truck full of their sweet french treats.

cameo macaron
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

Sign Here Nantucket brought an array of Boston-themed signs perfect for any wall in your home.

sign here nantucket
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

Honey sweetened chocolates? Pure7 Chocolate took "chocolate bar" to a whole new level.

Pure7 Chocolate
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

The aptly named Extras by Alaina had adorable stamps and paper goods that were simply irresistable!

Extras by Alaina
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

Amanda Atkins Art brought us back in time with her fun retro art.

Amanda Atkins Art
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

And BCAE Instructor Loni Butera brought her beach-worthy sea glass art and acrylic monoprints.

Loni Butera
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

Johanna Sprague stunned shoppers with her gorgeous display of The Nomad Collection, jewelry and sculpture.

Johanna Sprague
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

Pop & Circumstance set up shop featuring revamped vintage goods, and so much more.

pop and circumstance
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

And SebellShavit Studio wowed with handcrafted pottery.

SebellShavit Studio
Photo Credit: Amy, Creative Soul Spectrum

Bash Studio's Kathryn Yee debuted the Everyday Napkin, an adorable and earth-friendly alternative to your typical napkin.

everyday napkin hub

Kitchen Millie, with too-cute-to-eat (well, we managed) 2-bite cookies, and Scoopsies not-your-average ice creams sweetened up the top floor in the best of ways.

kitchen millie and scoopsies

HUGE THANK YOU to all who came out, vendors and shoppers, to make for such a fantastic and fun event, and thanks to Amy at Creative Soul Spectrum for her beautiful photos! It was an honor to work with such talented local artists, and we hope to do it again soon :-)

We're Bostonians -- a little snow can't keep us down! Wanna see more? Search #LocalLove15
And stay tuned for upcoming events!

Local Love 2015: Market at the BCAE - Join Us February 8th!


Local Love date crop resized 600February in Boston is a time of cold and snow (especially the latter this year), so we're giving you a reason to get up, get out of the house, and spend a chilly Sunday warm inside the BCAE. We've invited some fantastic local vendors -- crafts, treats, and so much more -- to share their wealth of goods for your shopping pleasure. And what better time for a little shopping than right before Valentine's Day?

So whether you have a Valentine or not, or if you're shopping for a lover, friend, or simply treating yourself, join us this coming Sunday, February 8th from 10AM to 2PM for our 2nd annual Local Love pop-up market!

Vendors will include:

Alison Storry Jewelry

Cameo Macaron

Alison Storry Cameo Macaron

Extras by Alaina

Pure7 Chocolate

Extras by Alaina Pure7 Chocolate

Amanda Atkins Art

Pop & Circumstance

Olives & Grace

Amanda Atkins Pop & Circumstance Olives & grace

Kitchen Millie

SignHere Nantucket

Kitchen Millie SignHere Nantucket

The Everyday Napkin - Kathryn Yee Design

Stone & Skillet

Everyday Napkin Stone & Skillet

Niche Urban Garden Supply

Union Square Donuts

Niche Boston Union Square Donuts

Fazenda Coffee Roasters

posh and prep

Fazenda coffee posh and prep

SebellShavit Studio

Zesty Cookie Co.

SebellShavit Zesty Cookie

Best Bees & Follow The Honey

Doves and Figs

Johanna Sprague - The Nomad Collection

...and more! And Scoopsies will be giving out samples!



40% Off January & February Computer Classes at the BCAE



Computer 40% off sale Jan 2015

We know it's hard to get motivated and find the time to FINALLY learn those computer skills you've been meaning to learn...the ones you know will help you advance in the workplace and in the world. Here at the BCAE, we're helping you achieve those resolutions and giving you an extra incentive to get out there (really just come here) and do it -- 40% off all January & February computer classes should give you that long awaited kick in the pants, right? Don't wait any longer. Sign up now!

Microsoft Office Crash Course: Excel, PowerPoint & Word
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Ingenious Solutions [Entire Series]
Adobe InDesign for Desktop Publishing
Photoshop for Beginners
Workplace Computer Skills
Adobe InDesign Intensive
Open Source Content Management Systems
Microsoft Excel: Intermediate
Microsoft Access
Zoomed In: A Photoshop Intensive
A Gaggle of Google: Intro to Google Services
Computing Basics: One-Week Intensive
Twitter 101: Twitter Basics
Microsoft Office: Excel, PowerPoint & Word
Basic Internet Skills
Excel Refresher: Pivot Tables & Macros
Personal Cybersecurity: Keeping Yourself Safe on the Internet
Twitter 201: The Anatomy of a Tweet
Facebook Basics

*Restrictions: Discounted class prices are as listed. Promo codes and additional discounts cannot be used. Discounted pricing available only on computer classes running through March 6th. Other restrictions may apply.

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