The Low Down on The Slow Down by BCAE Wine Sponsor 90+ Cellars

Posted by Kim Wieczner on Mon, Jan 12, 2015

90+ Cellars wine sponsor

Celebrity Chef Class wine sponsor 90+ Cellars is sharing some more of their wine knowledge to help you start your New Year off right!

The Low Down on the Slow Down

As we embrace the start of the New Year, we are all thinking of ways to lead happier, healthier lives.

We love a great glass of wine as much as anybody, and we started 90+ Cellars as a way to share great wine with all of you. For us, wine brings people together, makes food taste better, and simply makes life more enjoyable. Moderate consumption of wine by adults can also have health benefits. Did you know that red wine contains resveratrol, a powerful anti-oxidant that can reduce heart disease? However, as with anything we put in our bodies, alcohol or not, all of us need to be aware of the risks of overdoing it.   

Here a few tips on ways to drink moderately and make wine part of your healthy lifestyle this New Year.

1. Think While you Drink

To be sure, there is a definite difference between drinking and tasting. Drinking seems to come naturally. Pausing to taste seems slower to catch on.  Given the sheer amount of sub-par tasting food and beverages available for purchase, it appears many folks would benefit by stopping to think about what they just put in their mouths. Slowing down to taste not only makes you appreciate better food and drink, but it lengthens the experience without you having to consume more. Try prolonging the enjoyment of every sip, and you’ll be surprised the hidden flavors and textures you’ll discover.

2. Share

Wine comes in a larger bottle for a reason. You’re supposed to share it.  Invite your friend, neighbor, or spouse to share a glass combined with a little conversation.  The act of talking will naturally slow down the amount your drink. Furthermore, conversing leads to better relationships and studies have shown the more relationships we have the happier we are.

3. Enjoy with Food

Think of wine as a part of your meal and treat it like an ingredient, the goal of which is to enhance one’s dining pleasure. Consuming alcohol by itself results in us drinking more, or at least relatively more. When we pair it with food, we can alternate between food and wine consumption slowing the rate of each.  Plus, we have the added benefit of experiencing new flavor combinations and added levels of enjoyment.

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4. Save Some for Later

You don’t have to finish a bottle of wine the same day that it is opened.  Most wine, especially red wines with texture (i.e. tannins) will keep for more than one evening.  In fact, some will even improve overnight.  Red Bordeaux, Piedmont reds like Nebbiolo & Barbera, and heavy duty California Cabernets will even improve on the second day. We’ve enjoyed our 90+ Cellars Barolos better after the bottle was open for 3 or 4 days. Don’t feel pressure to drain the bottle—save some for the next day.

Take this all into account when you open your next bottle of wine, and you’re on the road to a healthy and happy 2015.  I’ll drink (a glass) to that!



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