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Posted by Kim Wieczner on Mon, Dec 29, 2014

It's that time of year again, when you're feeling gluttinous, and your wallets are feeling light. If we can find a few spare minutes amongst the holiday madness, we make that list of new year's resolutions: In 2015, I will...

We all make them in one way or another, whether we painstakingly write each and every item down in detail, or simply tell them to ourselves, but keeping them is a whole other ball game. And that's where we come in. No matter the sizes or types of resolutions you have, here at the BCAE, we have classes to help you out.


BCAE drop-in fitness pass
BCAE January/February Fitness Drop-In Pass
This might just be the best fitness deal in Boston. For only $96, you'll gain access to all 33 sessions of our fitness classes held at the BCAE in January and February. BUT you have to purchase by January 6th! Even if the pass isn't for you, we have lots of options to keep you fit. Browse all of our fitness classes here.



New Year's resolution health

Eating Clean: Tricks to Keep You On Track - Tuesday, February 3rd
Sticking to a plan and staying motivated to cook good dinners is not easy. Having a few tricks up your sleeve and some new recipes to get excited about may very well be the difference that you need.

5 Desserts: 200 Calories or Less - Thursday, February 19th
Start your diet off right in 2015, but no need to sacrifice ALL the good stuff! Learn to make some treats to fit the sweet into your diet.


Rebecca Pacheco

Your Best Year Yet with Rebecca Pacheco - Sunday, January 25th
The beginning of the year is an ideal time to lay the groundwork for the year ahead. This inspiring course is about settling intentions and pinpointing practical skills to create happiness and success in 2015. It's about understanding the most powerful tool you have for creating the life you want: your mind.

Health & Balance in the New Year - Dates & Times Vary
8 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, along with weekly group training sessions to truly kickstart your year.


novel writing

The Novel: From Second Draft to Publication - starts Monday, January 12th
Revive the pages that have been sitting there gathering dust. Don't be afraid to take the leap. Join us for the assistance you need.

Twitter 101: Twitter Basics - Wednesday, February 11th
Great for personal use, and even better for your business! There's no better time to start tweeting. All you need to get started in this one session class.

Fundamentals of Investing - starts Tuesday, February 3rd
Don't let your fear of the unknown prevent you from investing in your financial future! Get a broad understanding of financial basics, and learn some simple approaches to investing that can help you reach your long term goals.

Career Crossroads: How to Navigate What's Next - Tuesday, January 13th
Stop procrastinating. You know you need to make a change. Make 2015 the time to do it.


How to Build a Home Bar - Saturday, January 31st

Learn to Read Music - starts Monday, January 12th

Repurpose Your Old Jewelry at Hidden Jewel - Saturday, January 31st

jewels hub


Get more resolution guidance here!
And browse the full January/February course catalog here.

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