4th of July - BCAE Style

Posted by Kim Wieczner on Fri, Jul 03, 2015

The 4th of July means a lot of things to a lot of people, but I can pretty comfortably say that for most it means a day or so off of work, time with friends or family, and a true kickoff for summer!


For me, it has almost always been time at my family's house on Cape Cod -- friends and boyfriends have come and gone throughout the years, but the traditions have stayed fairly constant. Swimming, sailing and kayaking at the pond...and catching frogs in the earlier years. Family bike rides, always with a mandatory ice cream stop. In the more recent years since my sister and I have gotten older...Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet with the legendary and iconic oceanfront Beachcomber bar & raw bar. And of course, there's food. Lots and lots of food. It all started with the concept of a barbecue on the back deck with the whole crew. Steak skewers or burgers, Mom's famous BBQ chicken wings, corn, the works. Then my sister became a vegetarian (or "pescetarian").Things changed...slightly.

The grocery store by our house does this pretty cool thing where you can order lobsters, by the pound, cooked and made hot & ready for your designated time of pickup, and for cheap (real life). So when my sister asked for her BBQ entree to be lobster, the rest of us were up in arms. "Aw man, if she gets lobster, I want lobster...and a burger...hmm." The result? It has now been a frequent, if not regular, tradition to have a "cookout" with burgers AND lobsters, and of course Mom's famous BBQ chicken wings...even if they are for snacking throughout the week/weekend hot or cold at any time of day.


So I got  to thinking...if these are my traditions, what do other BCAE-ers have to share about their own?

BROOKE, Food & Wine Program Manager
What her 4th of July looks like: Hanging with friends, eating and drinking outside in the sunshine, and ALWAYS decked out in red, white & blue Americana attire.

ASHLEY, Program Manager
What her 4th of July looks like: Crafting red, white & blue beverages, and then enjoying them of course!

JAMIE, Marketing Manager
What her 4th of July looks like: A cupcake decorating contest! She bakes off chocolate cupcakes and frosts them with buttercream. Then people decorate them with flags, red, white & blue sprinkles, stars, etc., and then present them to the group while “singing” happy birthday America!


ANDREW, Program Manager
What his 4th of July looks like: Dinner with friends in Boston (dining spot of choice for 2015 still TBD), then watching the fireworks from the Mass Ave Bridge.

SUSIE, Executive Director
What her 4th of July looks like: A day packed with traditions from start to finish – American Flag goes out and up first thing, on to the local Horrible’s Parade and Arts Festival with the not to missed noon-time lobster roll. Pack up lots of goodies and head out to the boat to decorate for the festivities, and then be ready to welcome everyone aboard for an evening of fun, laughter, and celebration with friends for dinner, harbor illumination, and fireworks!


We'll be off celebrating for a bit, and we hope you will be too, BUT classes start back up Monday July, 13th so sign up now and hope to see you soon. Browse our July/August catalog now.

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