Lovin' Thanksgiving Leftovers with Ashley Stanley

Posted by Becky Brackett on Thu, Nov 15, 2012

Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family, reflect on the year, and be fortunate for all that we have. It’s also a great time of year to think of those who may be in need and how to help. Many of us celebrate by sitting down to a beautiful meal and this year, Ashley Stanley, the founder of Lovin’ Spoonfuls Food Rescue, wants to make sure that not a bite goes wasted!

Lovin' Spoonfuls a non-profit food rescue organization dedicated to eradicating hunger in Massachusetts. They serve underprivileged communities by providing fresh and healthy produce, whole grains, and lean protein. Their direct distribution system allows for same day delivery to their beneficiaries and ensures the freshest food possible. Beneficiaries include Pine Street Inn, Rosie’s Place, Haley House and more. According to Lovin' Spoonfuls "Over 96 billion pounds of food is wasted each year – roughly 40 percent of all the available food in the United States.” Luckily there are many small and simple steps we can take to cut down on food waste...starting with Thanksgiving!

Ashley Stanley

Thanksgiving is Ashley’s absolute FAVORITE holiday – we think it has something to do with the meal ;).  She loves the leftovers and think they’re a great way to extend the celebration! Here are Ashley’s tips for prolonging the meal and using the leftovers to the fullest:

  • The Thanksgiving sandwich! There's nothing better - my all time favorite since I was a kid is from Provisions, on Nantucket. Its hands down my favorite thing to eat, any time of year. During t-giving, I love making my own, and I pretty much use everything leftover. Great bread, my mom's AMAZING cranberry sauce, turkey (of course), gravy... Its a pretty awesome bite. Throw in some of the extra brussels sprouts or roasted squash too! Whatever you do, make it yours - guaranteed deliciousness.
  • Make sure you've got plenty of plastic wrap and foil... Prepared food keeps its texture and flavor better and for longer when properly stored.
  • Eat leftover pie for breakfast. That's a rule! 
  • Get creative beyond the sandwich- there are some really wonderful recipes out there...a favorite of mine as the weather gets colder is my pal Andrew Zimmern's awesome version of 'turkey a la king'. Its so perfect for winter- comfort food for sure. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/turkey-a-la-king
  • Include your family and your kids in the 'leftovers' experience- be willing to try some new recipes, even create ones based on your family and holiday guests' tastes- one of the best things about food is sharing it, and creating a space to honor and value it. It’s so simple! What's better than people coming together over food? 

This Thanksgiving we're thankful for all of the work that Ashley and her organization does! We encourage you to use her tips to make the most of your Thanksgiving meal and take the time to learn more about Lovin’ Spoonfuls and their mission to eradicate hunger in Massachusetts!

Happy Holidays! 

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