English at the BCAE: Student Success Stories this Summer!

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Jul 27, 2012

The summer is in full swing and the Boston Center for Adult Education’s July ESL term is bigger and better than ever.  As always, the BCAE strives to meet the needs of our students, so we created two intermediate English classes to better accommodate everyone and their skill level.  BCAE's ESL students in Revere

BCAE's ESL students on Boat CruiseOur students have been busy this summer, visiting the State House, Revere Beach, and Beverly.  Up next, we will be going on walking tours of the city and boat cruises on Charles River.  These trips are a fun way to learn English!

As always, we are very proud of the success our ESL students have upon completing their studies at the BCAE.  We would like to share some student testimonials on how English classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education helped them to reach their goals:BCAE's ESL student performing in play

“I'm doing my biggest passion which is acting. I'm part of the cast in a bilingual Play. I am performing in English and Spanish. BCAE’s advanced English class helped me by giving to me all the tools I needed to improve my pronunciation and getting the confidence to speak in public.”   Victor Hugo, Mexico

“I studied in the BCAE for two months in fall of 2010, just a few months after I moved to the United States. I took intermediate and advanced classes which took place every day from Monday to Friday. Even though I only studied for two months, I learned a lot, not only about the English grammar, but I also became familiar with the US history and culture. Some time later I obtained my first job in the US and it actually happened with a help from one of the teachers from the BCAE who willingly gave me references. Last year I also became a student at one of the colleges in Boston.”  Magdalena, Poland

The BCAE’s English language program is pleased to highlight these success stories from our students.  We have helped students get into graduate programs at Northeastern and Boston University as well as enter the workforce in Boston. Our English classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education are enriching the community and we are very proud of our ESL students.

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BCAE Spring ESL classes

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Tue, Apr 10, 2012
Class at Revere Beach

Spring has sprung in the city and so has the spring term of the BCAE's English as a Second Language program. In March, when we had a brief week of summer, all four intensive English morning classes took a break from the classroom and hit Revere Beach. We practiced navigating public transportation and then had a 4 team scavenger hunt on the beach followed by a picnic lunch. Now that the weather has cooled down, we are back in the classroom for our April term.

This Saturday, the Saturday classes, beginner, intermediate, and advanced will go to the JFK Library and Museum for an experiential learning excursion. After studying about the Bill of Rights and the American political system, the advanced class has been researching JFK’s life and his legacy; this legacy will come to life this Saturday.

On April 30th, a new 8 week beginner and intermediate night class will begin. We are looking forward to some of our students transitioning levels and continuing to pursue their goals.

Also, on May 3rd, the ESL program is pleased to introduce a new class: Beyond Basics: Writing for non-native English speakers. This class will be taught by Tania Zamora, an advanced level ESL teacher, publishing graduate students, and working copy editor. Tania has designed an amazing curriculum which will help students get the special writing and editing attention they need to improve their grammar, style, syntax, and allow them to select an appropriate voice for various types of writing.

On a final note, the TOEFL preparation classes, run by Teodora Dimova, will now run in 8 week sessions both in the afternoon and in the evenings. This 8 week session will allow students to build more skills and more confidence to ensure success when taking the dreaded TOEFL test.  Congratulations to our students and our teachers for the continued success of the BCAE's English as a Second Language Program- we couldn’t do it without all of you!

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Busy Winter for the BCAE's ESL Program

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Thu, Feb 23, 2012

BCAE ESL Ski Trip to Wachusett MoutainWinter may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over!  The BCAE’s ESL (English as a Second Language) community will be heading on a second ski trip for the season to Wachusett Mountain.  The first trip took place in January, and the student and instructors alike had a great time bonding over learning English and learning to ski or snowboard.  This month’s trip will be taking place on Sunday, February 26th!

This winter, we are also excited to introduce a new ESL program at the BCAE on Saturdays.  Starting on  March 10th, the BCAE will offer a beginner morning class, 10:00am-1:00pm, and an afternoon intermediate class, 2:00pm-5:00pm

And last, but certainly not least, members of the BCAE’s advanced English classes have begun to give back to the community by volunteering at various locations around the city.  It is an opportunity for them to practice their English skills while helping those who need basic ESL services and math skills.  Check back soon for updates on how this new volunteer program impacts both BCAE ESL students and the groups they are helping.

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New Year, New ESL Classes at the BCAE!

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Jan 13, 2012

The BCAE’s ESL program is back from winter break and better than ever!  What’s new this January?  Check it out:

Evening TOEFL Test Preparation Classes

Afternoon TOEFL instructor Teodora Dimova has started an evening TOEFL Prep class.  Classes are designed to help students learn about the style of the test as well as teach essential strategies to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing scores.  Students have already reported achieving their goal test scores!

American English Pronunciation Workshop

Instructor Lara Carmona has developed a pronunciation and conversation class for students during the evening.  American English Pronunciation Workshop is ideal for people who want to fine-tune their speaking skills by learning American English pronunciation to aid in a native-like fluency.     

BCAE ESL Movie ClubJoin the BCAE's ESL Movie Club!

The BCAE is particularly excited with the addition of our new BCAE ESL Movie Club.  Every Friday afternoon from 1:30-4:30pm, a classic American movie will be shown to help students to understand more about the American English language and American Culture.  Club Coordinator, Cristiano Dias, will choose a concept and show two movies (on two different but consecutive Fridays) that highlight different perspectives.  The Club will then discuss the films. 

The Club kicks off on Friday the 13th, a day of superstition in America, with a look at the evolution of the psycho-thriller genre.  On Friday, January 13, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” will be shown followed by a more contemporary film “Silence of the Lambs” on Friday, January 20.  The allotted time for the club meeting allows for discussions about the key concepts and questions about the film and its linguistic features. And don’t worry, all movies will be shown with English subtitles!  

If your New Years Resolution is to improve your English language skills, please join our ESL community at the Boston Center for Adult Education and help us to help you reach your goal. Click here for more information on classes and to register today!

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Learn English Outside the Classroom with the BCAE

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Dec 02, 2011

BCAE ESL students visit Plimout PlantationNovember was an exciting term for our ESL students!  The BCAE’s ESL program, which focuses on experiential learning, brings students outside the class room to aid in their English education.  This month’s theme centered around the first Thanksgiving story.  Students had an opportunity to learn fact and fiction fromAmerica’s time honored traditions with a visit to Plimouth Plantation and the Mayflower.  “Pilgrims” and Native Americans alike joined BCAE instructors to make this field trip memorable.

The day before Thanksgiving, BCAE instructors hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for ESL students after class to take the experience of an American Thanksgiving even further.  It was a lot more cooking than expected, but luckily, our state-of-the-art kitchens could handle the task of making dinner for 25 people in 90 minutes!

With the December ESL term starting on Monday, December 5th, we are looking forward to exciting winter field trips.  Register for one of the morning intensive programs – English for Beginners, Intermediate English,  or Advanced English – and get ready to ice skate on the Frog Pond in Boston Common or try skiing at Wachusett Mountain (if the cold weather ever decides to show up!)

January ESL classes are available for registration now as well.  Starting January 9th, the ESL program has expanded!  Click here for more information on class offerings.  So stick to your New Years Resolutions and improve your English skills with us at the BCAE!

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TOEFL Preparation at the BCAE Helps Students Succeed

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Oct 21, 2011

TOEFL classes at the BCAEThe Boston Centerfor Adult Education’s English as a Second Language Program has been steadily expanding to meet the needs of our diverse student population. As a student-centered, community oriented program, the BCAE’s ESL instructors are particularly interested in student feedback and conduct surveys throughout the class to gather feedback that allows us to modify our unique curriculum and improve instructional methods. This is what one of our students had to say about her experiences:

“When I was looking for English classes, I only imagined very long and structured schedules, so I chose the BCAE for the lower prices, shorter schedule, and convenient location. After taking classes for 2 months, I have realized that I found a great place with very enthusiastic teachers who give really useful and fun classes.” -Romina, Chile. 

More recently, the BCAE has focused attention on specific student needs by creating a month long TOEFL preparation class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30-3:30. While creating the curriculum for this class, the BCAE’s TOEFL instructorTeodora Dimovadeveloped lessons that focus on integrating listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. To supplement this class, the BCAE’s pronunciation instructor, Lara Carmona, is offering two hour pronunciation workshops on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30-3:30 to help students improve their speaking skills for both everyday life and the speaking part of the TOEFL test. By instructors working together closely with each other and with their students, the afternoon TOEFL and pronunciation program has flourished and is producing successful results. One student who just took the exam had this to say:

“I got a 97 for my score and I think that the afternoon TOEFL classes helped me to achieve this goal. I am very happy with the results and would recommend this class to anyone who is worried about taking the exam.” -Isabel, Spain. 

Our goal is to hear more success stories like this one. To ensure the future success of our diverse student population, the BCAE’s afternoon TOEFL and pronunciation classes will also be offered in the evening to better meet the needs of our working student body.  Register today and sign up for success!

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Learning English with the BCAE

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Jul 08, 2011

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program has been expanding steadily since January.  By combining in-class language instruction with experiential learning excursions, we have been successful in helping our students reach their goals.  

Some of the great excursions we have taken students to have been: skiing and snowboarding at Wachusett Mountain, visting Plimouth Plantation to learn about Thanksgiving, walking tours of Salem during Halloween, cooking classes in our state of the art kitchens, going out to eat at local restaurants like Picco in the South End, visiting the Museum of Fine Arts and The Science Museum- only to name a few.  Click here to view more photos from our ESL community.

ESL students learning to order food in English!ESL students learning to ski!


Just last term, we had our students teaching each other how to cook and prepare traditional dishes from their countries. The highlight was definitely learning how to roll sushi and use chopsticks- something not common for our Guatemalan and Somali students but almost second nature for our Japanese students!

In the month of July, we will be taking advantage of free admission to local cultural attractions sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation.  Take advantage of our unique learning experience by taking an English class this summer at the BCAE! Click here for more information about our classes and to register.


Learning English at the BCAE is educational and fun!  Remember, our goal is to help you reach your goal! 

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