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Posted by Kim Wieczner on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

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Celebrity Chef Class wine sponsor 90+ Cellars shares some tips to help you keep your "bubbly"s straight:

Billions of Bubbles: How to Choose

Oh, bubbles. They're perfect for parties. They're sensational at celebrations. They're tasty for toasts. But they're also numerous (maybe not billions, but you get the idea), and selecting the right bottle of bubbly can be difficult -especially with so many varietals and brands out there to choose from! So we're here today to help you decide which variety of bubbles is perfect for you (or for your party guests) so that you can please your crowd but most importantly, your palate.

Champagne: As many know by now, Champagne can only be called as such if it is made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. But another requirement also exists: the carbonation must be created by secondary fermentation. The texture of this sparkling wine is delicate and a glass is extremely refreshing. Sweetness can range from none at all (Brut Zero) to fairly sweet (Doux), but the most common level of sweetness in champagne is the Brut offering. There are even more sub-varieties, but that's for another blog post altogether!

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Prosecco: This sparkly wine hails from Italy and brings to the table both froth and fizz, and the tasting notes tend to be floral, fruit, and/or dessert-like (think lilac, peaches, or almond). Prosecco is more frothy than champagne and therefore easier for sipping. The flavors are simpler, but no less enjoyable, than those of Champagne. It also makes a great addition to a cocktail! As for a recommendation...well, we think our 90+ Cellars Lot 50 Prosecco from Veneto, Italy is pretty tasty! (In fact, BCAE students get 20% off their purchase of 3 bottles or more in our online store – just enter code BCAEWINE at checkout.)

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Moscato: There's some pretty tasty Moscato out there...you just have to know where to find it. This sparkling wine is experiencing a resurgence especially as spring (hopefully) rolls in. With a lower alcohol content than other sparklers, the wine can be best described as "spritzy". Its body is very light and the flavors very fruity. Folks who love something sweet, bubbly, and refreshing are going to love Moscato! It's also an excellent wine to pair with your party desserts.

Sparkling Rosé: Sparkling Champagne Rosé is actually most commonly created by adding some Pinot Noir to the sparkling cuvée. Sparkling Rosé in general (not Champagne) is often made by letting red grapes remain in contact with their skins - the traditional way. Again the sweetness of sparkling rose can vary - you can have mostly dry varieties and mostly fruity varieties, but "Brut" is a good indication of flavor on the drier side.

That wraps up your bubbles education today – but if you want more wine education, be sure to check out the BCAE’s wine classes! Best wishes for all your learning – and celebrating - to come!

Which of these bubbles do you think you'd prefer? Let us know in the comments!


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