BCAE Student Spolight: Marissa Grace

Posted by Becky Brackett on Thu, Jul 24, 2014

We love learning about our students! Today we’re highlighting Marissa who works in event marketing and is passionate about photography. Recently Marissa took our Beginner Digital Photography Weekend Workshop with Instructor Chris Padgett and is ready to take her work to the next level! She has a great eye and documents her creative inspiration over at marissagrace.com. Warning: her photos will make you hungry.

Marissa Grace photo

1. We love your food photos! What are some of your favorite places in the city to grab a bite?

Thank you so much! I have a few regular places I frequent - I can always go for a good charcuterie plate or pizza so I'm at the Salty Pig in Back Bay quite a bit. I'm also a huge fan of Row 34 & Eastern Standard. Publick House is one of my favorites as well - I always go when I want to be adventurous with some new beers. Oh, and their monks frites. I also find myself craving BLTs from Flour Bakery more than I think is normal.

2. What type of camera do you typically use?

All the photos I have currently were taken from my iPhone 5! I just bought the Canon t3i & it was my first time using it in the beginner class. I'm stoked to see what I can do with it!

Marissa Grace photos

3. You recently took our Beginning Digital Photography: Weekend Workshop class. Can you share a tip that you learned in class? 

I've actually never used a digital camera prior to the beginner photography class! I took about 15 pages of notes, there is so much for me to learn! I think a good tip was to completely ignore any of the pre-set modes. It has given me a really great understanding of the camera - we went into detail with each setting, button & menu. This has been a great tip because it has allowed me to dig much deeper & get exactly what I want out of the camera.

4. What other BCAE classes have caught your eye?

So many! I saw a class dedicated to muffins & croissants, that definitely caught my eye. I bought Joanne Chang's Flour Bakery cookbook so I could attempt to make her breads & pastries! I would love to learn about wine & cheese as well, so naturally The Wine, Cheese & Chocolate class stood out to me. Having a design background I am always interested in keeping up with the software & learning all the tools I can, so some of the intensive Adobe classes are definitely in my future.

5. What do you love most about Boston?

There are so many things I love about Boston - the people, the walkability, the events, the food! Theres always something to do & there is a great sense of community. I work in event marketing so I've been to a lot of amazing events & new companies recently. Lots of start-up businesses, farmers markets, art events, fitness classes - I learn or see something new everyday & I am constantly inspired.

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