BCAE Staffers Hit Up the Boston Food Trucks

Posted by Kim Wieczner on Tue, Sep 30, 2014

Boston food trucksWe may have said goodbye to the heat of summer (although the hot burst this past weekend was a nice treat), but this might actually be the best time of year for a picnic lunch. We're embracing the chill in the air and continuing one of our favorite pastimes...food truck lunches!

Here at 122 Arlington, we are fortunate to be walking distance from a number of food truck spots, and we're taking the time to share some of our experiences (and favorites!) with you, while it's still warm enough to enjoy them.


With lots of options to please different tastes (rice bowl, noodle salad, sandwich, noodle soup and an array of rotating protein fillings), Bon Me is a popular truck choice here at the BCAE.

Bon Me food truck

On this particular occasion, this BCAE staffer went for the soba noodle salad with the roasted soy and paprika tofu. And the thai basil limeade is an excellent thirst quencher, definitely worth the purchase.


Looking for something on the lighter side? Rhythm 'n Wraps has got something for you...specializing in all vegetarian sandwiches bursting with fresh produce and with a variety of meat substitutes.

Rhythm 'N Wraps

We like the "Resolution Wrap," Romaine Lettuce and greens, tomato and cucumber salad, sprouts, avocado, shredded carrots, fresh hummus, lemon and mint vinaigrette on a flatbread.


But health can't always be top-of-mind here at the BCAE, and we do often crave something sweet. These little french treats are a common favorite.


Photo Credit: @anasantos
We were thrilled to host a Cameo Macaron pop-up for them earlier this year, and we love that they now have a truck that stops nearby!


We always love the creativity that comes from this adorable blue and yellow truck. We've heard that the way to a (wo)man's heart is through her/his stomach, and these folks know how to hit ya where it counts.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen curry
Like with this gooey, crunchy, spicy, creamy coconut milk-filled concoction they call a Vegetable Thai Curry A.K.A. comfort food in a box.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen Double Awesome

...or the aptly named "Double Awesome," a poached then fried egg and cheese scallion pancake sandwich.

We also couldn't be happier to have Mei Mei on board to cook at our annual fundraiser on March 12th, Chew on This: Kicked Up Classics! Stay tuned for an announcement soon regarding ticket sales.


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