BCAE Instructor Spotlight: Yumiko Koshiya

Posted by Marie Scarfo on Wed, Jun 07, 2017


Our Instructor Spotlight Series continues! The latest instructor, featured in our July/August catalog, is Japanese for Beginners instructor Yumiko Koshiya! Yumiko was originally introduced to the BCAE as a student in our ESL program (and she remains a daytime ESL student to this day!) Read on to learn more about her!

InstructorSpotlight_YumikoKoshiya_Headshot.jpgBCAE: Thanks for being our Instructor Spotlight this term, Yumiko! So, where are you from? What brought you to the United States?
YUMIKO: I’m from Chiba, Japan. My first visit to the States was a 1-month stay with an American family in Colorado when I was a college student. Since then, I always wanted to come back. I got my chance when I taught Japanese at colleges in Tennessee and Wisconsin. I moved to Boston with my husband when he got a job here.

BCAE: How did you get into teaching?
YUMIKO: I took a one-year corresponding course of Japanese teaching when I was working at a textbook company in Japan. Then I got a job at a private language school in Tokyo. Realizing the depth and challenge of this job, I took a two-month intensive workshop for Japanese teachers who teach the Japanese language to students who speak English. This workshop, conducted by Prof. Jorden of Cornell University, was such an eye-opening, once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

BCAE: What’s your favorite thing about teaching? 
YUMIKO: I love everything about teaching. Especially, when I see my students who knew very little Japanese at the beginning, introduce themselves, greet one another, and talk about what they like in Japanese fluently, I feel so thrilled. I also think teaching is a kind of art that requires never ending effort to improve.

Clearly, Yumiko is a believer in the BCAE's motto, #neverstoplearning! Thanks, Yumiko!


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Japanese for Beginners

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Not Your Typical ESL Program

Posted by Kim Wieczner on Tue, Jun 24, 2014

ESL class at the BCAE

ESL: English as a Second Language. An ESL class can mean a variety of things, but upon first glance, many take it to mean lessons in the basics, English for people who are brand new to it, and are looking to better their English skills for day-to-day use. The good news? We offer those classes in a range of formats to fit the schedules of our students. The better news? Our ESL department goes far beyond that.

For those who are brand new to the English language, we offer English for Beginners, followed by Intermediate English and then Advanced English, all offered in either mornings or evenings.

ESL student studying at BCAE

But mastery of the English language requires more than basic conversational and writing skills. Boston is home to a large number of international businesspeople, and many of them are in need of specialized ESL support that goes beyond the conversational basics to include pronunciation and accent reduction, as well as better business writing practices. Here at the BCAE, we offer several high-level English language courses. The following are two options that we recommend for the non-native English speaking professionals in your office or work environment.

American English Pronunciation
Do you have a co-worker who, while excellent at his/her job, is sometimes difficult to understand when speaking? All languages have different sounds and ways of blending sounds. Many non-native speakers are also schooled in British English versus American English, which can make the adjustment to American English especially difficult. This course allows the non-native speaker to learn about American English phonology, and provides training for exercising the mouth muscles necessary to reproduce our sound system. This course also allows students to improve their listening and speaking as they become more aware of sound patterns and how native speakers blend words and phrases. 

Write Better, Right Now: Better Business Writing
Some of the most successful businesspeople struggle when it comes to writing, especially those whose first language is not English. All countries have different writing styles and standards for what is considered acceptable in the professional world. This, naturally, is no different for the USA. This course allows the non-native speaker to develop professional writing skills in English. In this course, students learn about U.S. writing standards and develop proper email and business writing etiquette. Students will also develop editing skills to eliminate reliance on co-workers and the dreaded Google Translate.  

These courses are designed to help non-native English speaking professionals stand out in the business world not for their language differences, but for their knowledge and talents, and therefore excel in a business setting at the same rate as a native English speaker.

Click here for to browse our full assortment of ESL classes. While these classes are listed in the catalog under specific times, we are often able to tailor schedules to fit the needs of you or your group.

BCAE ESL Graduation

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about these courses, please feel free to email our ESL director, Ashley Valentini, at avalentini@bcae.org.

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