BCAE Field Trip to Provincetown

Posted by Kim Wieczner on Tue, Nov 11, 2014

Cape Cod is THE place to go for Bostonians in the summer, but you may not think of going once the temps drop.

We recently took a fall field trip to visit our friends in Provincetown, and without the throngs of summer vacationers, there is plenty of space to explore it in all its glory. And Provincetown in the off-season is just as vibrant as ever.


For a performance-art-centric beach town, there should OF COURSE be a painted piano on the beach. Just sink your toes in the sand and listen to the music of the ocean (cheesy maybe, but it really just is that true).


The colorful buildings (and people), the artists (and their creative signage), really contribute to the artistic nature of the town as a whole. In the daylight, without the summer crowds, walk down Commercial St., and the little side streets, and really look. Maybe you're a fan of the flashier bars and shows, or maybe you have a favorite cottage with a view, but Provincetown has something for everyone to take in and enjoy...and you can't forget about the food...


Seafood is central to the livelihood and cuisine of Provincetown, and it continues well into the colder weather (even though you and I might not be frequenting the clam shacks as much in the Boston winter). The Lobster Pot is one of the oldest restaurants in P-town, and still very much a popular option.

Provincetown food

And the gourmet dining goes well beyond seafood...Big thank you to Chef Lucio Garnica of the Sage Inn for the incredible food, and to the rest of the Sage Inn team for being wonderful hosts.

We are working with our Provincetown friends on something exciting for spring...stay tuned for details on how we're bringing P-town to Boston here at the BCAE!

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