"Ciao-ing" Down with Mary Ann Esposito at the BCAE

Posted by Brehon Garcia-Dale on Fri, Sep 09, 2011

Playwright Neil Simon once stated, “There are two laws in the universe: the law of gravity, and everyone likes Italian food.” Running the culinary department at the BCAE, I'd have to agree with Simon's Sir Isaac Newton-meets-Mario Batali sentiments. The BCAE offers more (and receives more requests for) Italian themed cooking classes than any other type of cuisine.  Everything from The Art of Pasta Making to Pizza & Calzones to Risottos.  It's not surprising it comes in at the top of the list, Italian cooking tends to incorporate straightforward and easily satisfying flavors making it more "user friendly" than it's fussier, spicier and more exotic counterparts. And let's be serious, if you don’t like pizza and spaghetti…go home.

With the popularity of Italian cooking on the rise, the BCAE is thrilled to announce Mary Ann Esposito, creator and host of the nationally televised PBS series, and the longest running cooking series in television, Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito, is coming to the BCAE!

Mary Ann Esposito's new book, Ciao ItaliaOn November 9th Mary Ann will be making the BCAE the first Boston stop on her "Ciao Italia Family Classics" book tour. Esposito’s newest book presents more than 200 treasured recipes from three generations of Italian cooks. Guests attending the event in support of Mary Ann's new book will have the opportunity to see Esposito demo new dishes from the book, enjoy a post-demo tasting and wine reception, as well as mix and mingle with the well-known chef.

Friend and fellow TV chef superstar, Mario Batali, said Mary Ann's latest collection, "epitomizes the tradition and love that goes into all of Mary Ann Esposito's cooking. Like her award-winning TV series, this book will live on for years with all of those who cook her delicious recipes. My kids love everything Mary Ann cooks!"

If you haven’t already purchased your ticket to this unique open-house, book signing and tasting there are still a few available.  Click here to read more and purchase your ticket. 

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