CREATE: 6 Artists | 6 Chefs | 1 Canvas at the BCAE

Posted by Brehon Garcia-Dale on Fri, Jun 08, 2012

This past Sunday, the BCAE joined Chef Louis DiBiccari (Chef Louie Night, Storyville) and GILT City for an eye-opening, palate teasing event that bridged the worlds of culinary and visual arts. Six up-and-coming chefs were challenged to create dishes based on the subject matter of six local artists.

Over 150 guests came for this multi-sensory celebration of food and art.  Each artist and chef pair were assigned a room where, they built an atmosphere, and ultimately, an experience through art and food.

Local rising artists, including, !ND!V!DUALS, Josh Falk, Emily Lombardo, Miracle 5 and Dana Woulfe joined forces with up-and-coming chefs such as, Jason Cheek of KO Prime, Suzi Maitland of Trina’s Starlite Lounge, Brandon Arms of Garden at the Cellar, Douglas Rodriguez of Clio, Marc Sheehan of Brasstacks and Steve Postal from the Red Sox to collaborate on dishes inspired by the artwork.

The result? Nothing short of a masterpiece.

*There will be more CREATE events on the way so stay tuned at http://create-boston.com/

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