New Year, New ESL Classes at the BCAE!

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Jan 13, 2012

The BCAE’s ESL program is back from winter break and better than ever!  What’s new this January?  Check it out:

Evening TOEFL Test Preparation Classes

Afternoon TOEFL instructor Teodora Dimova has started an evening TOEFL Prep class.  Classes are designed to help students learn about the style of the test as well as teach essential strategies to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing scores.  Students have already reported achieving their goal test scores!

American English Pronunciation Workshop

Instructor Lara Carmona has developed a pronunciation and conversation class for students during the evening.  American English Pronunciation Workshop is ideal for people who want to fine-tune their speaking skills by learning American English pronunciation to aid in a native-like fluency.     

BCAE ESL Movie ClubJoin the BCAE's ESL Movie Club!

The BCAE is particularly excited with the addition of our new BCAE ESL Movie Club.  Every Friday afternoon from 1:30-4:30pm, a classic American movie will be shown to help students to understand more about the American English language and American Culture.  Club Coordinator, Cristiano Dias, will choose a concept and show two movies (on two different but consecutive Fridays) that highlight different perspectives.  The Club will then discuss the films. 

The Club kicks off on Friday the 13th, a day of superstition in America, with a look at the evolution of the psycho-thriller genre.  On Friday, January 13, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” will be shown followed by a more contemporary film “Silence of the Lambs” on Friday, January 20.  The allotted time for the club meeting allows for discussions about the key concepts and questions about the film and its linguistic features. And don’t worry, all movies will be shown with English subtitles!  

If your New Years Resolution is to improve your English language skills, please join our ESL community at the Boston Center for Adult Education and help us to help you reach your goal. Click here for more information on classes and to register today!

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Fall ESL Classes at the BCAE

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Sep 16, 2011

Fall has arrived and the Boston Center for Adult Education’s English as a Second Language program is better than ever! In addition to our intensive morning program and our evening program, the BCAE's ESL program has expanded to include afternoon classes. We now offer afternoon American English Conversation classes, taught by Lara Carmona, and TOEFL test preparation classes, taught byTeodora Dimova.

Lara Carmona’s American English conversation classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 3:30. Each class is a unique experience where students can improve their fluency by talking about language and culture.  The classes are designed as single sessions that cost $25 dollars each. There is no need to pre-register so, if you are in the neighborhood, please stop in and join the conversation!

Teodora Dimova is a TOEFL instructor who has developed a 4 week TOEFL class that will prepare students for the structure of the test. From our students, we have learned that the speaking section is the most troublesome. The TOEFL class prepares students for the listening and speaking sections effectively by teaching valuable note-taking skills and familiarizing students with the types of questions they will encounter.Naughty English at the BCAE

ESL program director Ashley Valentini will be teaching a Naughty English class in October for two night sessions. This two session workshop, which will run October 6 and October 20 from 7-9 PM, will explore the impolite side of the English language.

 ESL students at a Salem museum

In October, the intensive morning programs will be visiting Salem, Massachusetts again to learn about the history of the city and experience the greatest Halloween celebration in the world!  Get your witch hats and your brooms for this unforgettable experience and become a part of the BCAE’s ESL community by registering today for the October morning program, which starts on October 11. Visit our ESL page to learn more and register.

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Fall English Classes at the BCAE

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Aug 12, 2011

The Boston Centerfor Adult Education’s English as a Second Language program has been keeping it cool in the summer heat with exciting trips to Revere Beach and the Boston Harbor Islands. Students prepare for the experimental learning excursions by learning new phrases, idioms, and vocabulary in class and then take their knowledge into the real world and apply it to real-life settings. We have also been taking advantage of community days offered through the Highland Street Foundation and have visited the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institue of Contemporary Art.  As the summer winds down, we are looking forward getting back into school-mode with a new afternoon program.

                                   Students at MFA Chihuly Exhibit            Students at the Boston Public Library

This September, the BCAE ESL morning and evening program will expand to include more specified classes in the late afternoon for students preparing for the TOEFL exam, looking to sharpen their computer skills, preparing for the citizenship test, or looking to improve their spoken fluency with conversation classes. BCAE ESL intermediate teacher Teodora Dimova has created a TOEFL workshop curriculum and BCAE ESL beginner teacher Lara Carmona has created a conversation workshop curriculum. Starting September 12, these classes will run from 1:30 to 3:30 weekday afternoons and will allow us to better meet our diverse student body’s scheduling needs. We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for classes that will help our students to take the next steps toward a career path in America, expand their intercultural communication skills, and achieve their English language proficiency goals. Naughty English: Bad Words and Impolite Idioms will make its debut with ESL program director Ashley Valentini for two sessions in September (Sept. 15th & 29th 7-9PM) and two sessions in October (Oct 6th & 20th 7-9PM). Register today and learn how Americans use impolite English to express themselves; it is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime English experience!

                                                    Class in the Public Garden

See what BCAE ESL students saying about our progressive program:

Why do you prefer the BCAE’s ESL program to others in the city?

“I love when you make jokes in class, this helped me a lot. When we played games it was very special too. But, the best thing in your class I think is when we went to different places/cities like Salem and the BCAE’s kitchens. It was definitely very good.” - Fabio, Brasil

“I liked that the teacher paid a lot of attention to each student, everyone was treated individually.” -Magdalena, Poland

“I could meet classmates five times a week, so I could make friends with classmates quickly, and we could talk a lot. Making friends is also important to practice speaking English.” -Aya, Japan

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