Join the BCAE ESL Community this Summer!

Posted by Ashley Valentini on Fri, Jun 15, 2012
ESL summer program

The Boston Center for Adult Education’s  ESL Program is kicking off its fun-in-the-sun summer program this July 9th.  Get ready for trips to Revere Beach and tours of downtown Boston as we prepare to enjoy the summer sun!! 

For the intensive morning English program July will be a regular 4 week course and August will be a 3 week course due a short summer vacation. This spring we have already taken a Charles River Boat Cruise with the Charles River Boat Company and we look forward to doing this again and learning more facts about Boston and Cambridge. It also gives all the classes a chance to interact with each other in English to improve their intercultural communication skills. Exciting!! This summer we plan on taking advantage of the Highland Street Foundation’s Free Fun Fridays for accessible and affordable experiential learning excursions. To learn more about how you or your friends can become a part of the BCAE’s ESL community, please visit us here and join us on facebook here!

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