Summer in Boston: 5 Things to Add to Your To-Do List

Posted by Kim Wieczner on Wed, Jun 08, 2016

Well, folks, summer has arrived in Boston, and we couldn't be happier about it! It quickly spoils us with sunshine and makes us forget that it was ever cold and snowy here...

Knowing that summer could be taken away from us at any time, we squish as much as possible into these fleeting warm, glorious months! We surveyed the BCAE staff about their favorite summer activities here in the city (or close by) to help you start (or add to) your ever-growing summer to-do list.


1. Catch a Game at Fenway Park

Whether you're a die-hard Red Sox fan, or an unwavering addict of Fenway Franks, there's something for everyone. And with this being Big Papi's final season, make sure to buy your tickets to catch the legend's final glory days at Fenway.


2. Get Artsy...Outside!

Eager to enjoy the long days and warm nights, many of Boston's arts organizations head out of doors for the summer so you can get your cultural fix al fresco. Some that top the list?

Can't stand the heat? STAFFER TIP: Museums offer a great air-conditioned alternative...


3. Hit the Water

Rent a kayak, learn to sail, or just cruise - the Charles River and the Boston Harbor have loads of opportunities to stay cool and explore the life aquatic without leaving the city limits. We've partnered with some local businesses to bring you some water-filled offerings of our own:


4. Patio Season...

...might just be the happiest season! When you stroll the streets of Boston and your favorite restaurants and bars transform into Euro-chic patios and beer gardens of all sizes and shapes. Those beers just taste better outside, don't they? Some staff favorites include:


5. Lobster, lobster & more lobster!

Nothing says summer like a hot dog bun overflowing with the freshest Boston waters have to offer. Well, really, throw that fresh New England lobster on just about anything and we're there. Some staff picks include:


 And as always, we have a long list of classes to satisfy any and all of your summer to-do cravings! Check 'em out here!

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Inside Fenway Park: A BCAE Digital Photography Workshop

Posted by Becky Brackett on Fri, Mar 23, 2012

Inside Fenway Park

Here at the BCAE, we’re constantly searching for one-of-a-kind experiences to offer our students. Whether it’s hands on cooking with the nation’s most talked about chefs, or teaching the latest art and design trends, our staff is always working to bring the best of the best to the Center. With that said, every once in a while, something really remarkable comes along that leaves even our most senior staff screaming, “Sign me up!” This is one of those times.

Inside Fenway Park” is an exclusive opportunity (open to BCAE students ONLY) to tour and photograph one of the nation’s most historic and iconic landmarks. BCAE instructor Chris Padgett will give a crash course introduction to architectural photography as Red Sox Nation celebrates the 100th anniversary of “America’s most beloved ballpark” and prepares for the 2012 home opener. A not to be missed day for lovers of Fenway, photography, or both!

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