BCAE Instructor Spotlight: Ulla Bauder

Posted by Kim Wieczner on Mon, Aug 01, 2016




Our Instructor Spotlight Series continues! The latest instructor, featured in our September/October catalog, is Ulla Bauder, BCAE German instructor! Catch the full interview right here, and stay tuned for more awesome details about our even more awesome instructors.

BCAE: How do you keep a class that focuses on such a complex language fun?
ULLA: I try to keep my teaching content as contemporary and diverse as possible by
balancing ‘dry’ grammar topics with audio, video clips, and games.

BCAE: What inspired you to start teaching German?
ULLA: Actually I never planned on teaching German it happened more accidentally. In order to get my necessary teaching qualifications and to work for the local county council adult learning service I had to agree on teaching German classes. Out of the necessity I developed a real passion to pass on my native language and culture.

BCAE: You’re an active student at the BCAE. What is your favorite class that you’ve taken?
ULLA: I am always eager to learn about different cultures and their traditions. The ‘Brazilian Connection’ was a great opportunity to enjoy some Samba dancing, food, and caipirinha.    


Take a class with Ulla! This fall, we're offering both Level 1 and Level 2 on Wednesdays, starting September 21st.

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