Start off 2017 on the write foot!

Posted by Marie Scarfo on Thu, Jan 12, 2017

Happy New Year, friends and learners! We hope you had a fabulous holiday. We're 12 days into 2017. Have you settled back into reality yet? 

In the spirit of carpe diem we'll dive right in. This post is about WRITING. We have a robust, loyal writing program here at the BCAE, and our Jan/Feb term is serving up an amazing variety of writing classes with some truly talented instructors. Let's start by raising our pens in salute to Emily O'Neill.


Emily O'Neill Headshot (resize).jpg Emily O'Neill has taught the Creative Writing Workshop at the BCAE for 3 years. Her first book of poems, Pelican, was the winner of YesYes Books' first annual Pamet River Prize. Publisher's Weekly called the debut "forceful, exceptional," and the organizers of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale's Devil's Kitchen Literary Festival agreed, awarding the book its annual Reading Series prize in poetry. O'Neill recently traveled to Carbondale to accept the prize and read alongside other Devil's Kitchen award winners. Her next book from YesYes, a falling knife has no handle, is forthcoming in 2018. 

Tuesdays, Jan. 17 - Feb. 28 (7 sessions)
$210 / $179 member

Next up are two staff picks: single-session classes featured because of their unique course material, led by industry professionals (and locals!) - Amaryah Orenstein and Lee Gjertsen Malone!

Lee Gjertsen Malone Book Cover (resize).jpg
Instructor: Lee Gjertsen Malone
Date: Saturday, January 21
Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm 
Tuition: $60 ($51 for members)
If you've always thought you'd like to write for children, this is the class for you. Join middle-grade writer Lee Gjertsen Malone, author of The Last Boy at St Edith's, which was released by Simon and Schuster in 2016, for this informative and fun one-session class. You'll examine popular and critically acclaimed children's books to learn what makes them work and discuss the ins and outs of writing and publishing books for kids.

FirstImpressions_Image.gifFirst Impressions: How to Hook an Agent/Editor
with Your Opening Pages
Instructor: Amaryah Orenstein
Date: Saturday, February 11
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm 
Tuition: $89 ($76 for members)
Amaryah Orenstein has always loved to read and provide (often unsolicited) editorial advice and, as founder and literary agent at GO Literary, she is thrilled to help writers bring their ideas to life. She currently serves as Co-President of the Boston chapter of the Women's National Book Association.

In this class she gives you an inside look at how to make a first impression with an editor or literary agent. The class will cover: common pitfalls found in first sentences and first pages, tips for how to avoid clichés and overused beginnings, and the pros and cons of using a prologue as the opening chapter of your novel.

Want more writing? Whether your interests are in workplace, digital, fiction, or travel writing, we offer different (key)strokes for different folks! Check out the rest of this term's writing courses:

(And, for those of you who need a refresher on the basics before diving into a year of storytelling)

The best way to start a written work is simply to do exactly that - START - and the dawn of a new year is the perfect time to do it. Has 2016 left its indelible mark on your mind that you have to commit to the page? Does 2017 look to your eyes like a year worth rigorously documenting? Is writing your escape from reality, or the lens through which you examine it with greater focus? Or maybe you just need to get that stupid limerick out of your head, finally. Whatever the case may be, we hope this year you'll find the spark to start. 
So, what are you waiting for? Start!


You know what pairs well with writing? Wining. Check out these great wine classes:

Riesling Royalty: The Aromatic Wines of Germany

Big Winter Wines: A World Tasting Tour

REAL Wine for Under $15: Taste & Learn

So, you've written a masterpiece. Are you ready to pitch it? Find your edge:

Connect & Communicate: Speaking With Confidence

Mindfulness & Positive Psychology

Reading People: Learn From an Ex-CIA Body Language Expert



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Writing 122: A Magazine Writing Workshop

Posted by Erin Kilmer on Thu, Apr 12, 2012
Writing 122Write on!

Ladies and gentlemen, sharpen your pencils. For one day only, the BCAE is turning into a magazine office, and we’re counting on YOU to staff it! Writers of all styles will gather together and learn how to craft columns worthy of publication. Your instructors are some of the best in the business, and will range from a fabulous fashionista, to an entertainment and culture junkie, to one of the city’s most popular pundits. With their guidance you’ll crank you your best work and then submit it via email for your teacher’s consideration. If they like it, you’ll be published right alongside them and a few of your classmates in the inaugural issue of 122.

If all of this sounds exhausting, don’t worry, we’ve got lunch covered. Boloco is generously serving up all sorts of burritos as a perfect way to wrap up your first session and Chris Cox’s keynote address. Once you’ve had your fill, you’ll head back upstairs and try your hand at crafting an entirely new column.

Now is an exciting time to be a member of the media. Don’t miss your chance to show us your chops, add a line to a resume, and possibly make a connection that could change your life. No experience is required, just a little creativity and a lot of curiosity to see what a writer’s life is like between the bylines!

*Register today and take 30% off with our Early Bird discount! Enter code "EARLY30" at check-out or call us at (617) 267-4430. See you on May 5th!

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